Monday, March 5, 2012

Mr Bubbles Re-assembled!

After weeks of dismemberment Mr Bubbles has now been put back together. Hopefully this is the final disassembling he will endure. There's still a bit to be done, mostly shrink-wrapping the cables, fixing the motor more permanently and hiding the surgery scars on the elbow. If the new LED's inside his head works as intended that would be nice too!

Here's some pics for you...
1) Front, almost impossible to tell he's been taken apart and operated on.

2) The new elbow and motor-joint. Pretty sweet, but still needs a little touchups.
The motor is functional and the drill is mostly centered. Centering the drill was the trickiest part since it vibrates like crazy when off-centered!

3) The wiring on the back will be less intrusive when completed.
There's also two big plastic gas-tanks that are missing in this picture that will hide most of the cabling.
I might try to paint the shrinkwrap around the arm and legs to further hide the evidence.
The plan here is to drive 3 LED's and a motor (and possible a relay).
The black bandaids on his back and elbow are obviously final thou...

I think it turned out quite nice, the real hurdle will be to make it last for years without too much repair needed!

As a bonus -
The woodshop has finished making a sample piece of the playfield using the programmed route. I can't wait to get it!

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  1. very cool! Its a better job than some of the newer sterns (On the new ACDC machine you can see PCB!! awful)