Sunday, September 11, 2011

Motherboard revised

I did a little work on the motherboard, including adding the third soundboard, 3.3->5V converter and SD-card reader. Behold!

1) From left, going clockwise: Soundboards (2 sfx, 1 music), Arduino Mega2560, "display adapter" (3.3V to 5V converter),   Chipkit Max32 + MUX shield, SD/MMC card reader.
It has a certain "scrapyard challenge"-feel to it, but it will be hidden from view anyway. And - should it come to the point where it bothers me a whole lot, the schematics for all the boards I've used are open source and available online so I could easily order a circuitboard with all the components integrated.

Adding a second sound effects card really made a difference. I'd thought it would be more subtle but being able to have multiple effects playing alongside music really adds to the experience. This also means I can have longer spoken phrases during the game without losing music or effects while doing so.

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