Saturday, September 17, 2011

Graphics revised - check!

Finally got around and rewrote the graphics library.
It is by no means finished (the text adding is a mess) and will be revised in a future update, but for now I'm quite happy with the results!

1) Test image with scrolling starfield and 'MULTIBALL!'-text.
Unfortunately, the colors of the picture are washed out - they are much more vibrant in reality.
Don't judge a pinball by the skills of the photographer! ;)

What we are looking at is 16+1 colors, double-buffered, Speedy-Gonzales-100Hz magnificence!

Basically, the double buffering is just two buffers that each take turns in rendering. This means I can keep drawing the frontbuffer, or drawbuffer, while the backbuffer gets built. i.e I can keep logic at 30Hz while still rendering a flickerfree 100 Hz. This of course allows me to download new animation frames in the background and render them when they're completely loaded. Awesome!

Oh, and did I say I'm completely rebuilding the frame EVERY frame now? By limiting the rebuilding to 30Hz I get even more rendering-hertz to play with! Just a reminder, the Arduino could barely keep up drawing 5+1 colors at 52 Hz with everything else going on...

I've also added a couple of convenience functions such as addText, addTextLarge, addRect, fadeIn, fadeOut, fadeDisplay etc to make the programming of the display a little friendlier. The fadeDisplay function is particularly useful to print text over finished animation a´la modern Stern-games by dimming the rest of the screen and then draw the text over it.

No 'addLine' function you say?
Plotting a line is harder than one might think, if you want a decent looking one!
Check this for reference! Don't worry, I will be adding one in the future - at the moment I only need vertical/horizontal.

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