Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cabinet head!

Finally got time to work on the cabinet head.

As I've mentioned earlier, the old cabinet head was far too tilted to be salvaged.
It also wasn't matching up nicely depth-wise with the cabinet - making it look a bit flimsy, kind of like a tiny head on a giant body. Not cool.

I've ordered a red LED-display (128x32, PinLED, same display as in Stern's international versions of Spiderman and Family Guy) so in a few days I'll hopefully have my machine drawing pretty pictures for me while it speaks! I was going for a plasma display at first, but as it turned out they needed either A) a lot of high voltage power, or B) a lot of money from the buyer. I also didn't find any red plasma screens, but I've read they're filterable to display red instead. Anyway - 
The PinLED display was in an acceptable price range and I'm a sucker for the red glow, so it was a no-brainer. Looking forward to hooking it up!

The speaker and display panel is prepared as well and the new head is looking rather nice, although it's still unfinished. I figure I can use magnets to keep the translite locked in place (this may change in the future) so that lightbulbs can be changed easily in-place. 

I will put a ventilation grill on the back and I hope to get good airflow with cold air being pushed into the cabinet from underneath and hot air being drawn out with a fan on the cabinet head. I'm not expecting a lot of heat anyway since it's all modern tech inside, but it won't hurt to have good ventilation!

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