Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We've got power!

Got my shiny new +48VDC power supply today!
Since it's an industrial PSU I had to do a little wiring to get it up and running.
But since I'm currently here blogging about it, I guess it went well...

The neat thing is that I can adjust the voltage +-5 volts, which can be used to limit or increase flipper strength. That and built in overload protection and current limiting should come in handy!

Oh, and I found out that the same company that I bought the PSU from also sells the MOSFET I wrote about earlier... But they cost 0.8$ each! Just ordered a bunch!

Man, I love internet!


  1. I'm wondering if you could expand a bit more on your power setup for this. If you are putting 48v to the coils, with 4ohms of resistance, wouldn't you need around 12 amps for the coil before the EOS? You mentioned that you were using a 350watt 7.3amp power supply, so I'm curious how this works.


  2. Hi!

    Sorry, I didn't do a lot of calculations on this - but the power is surely enough. The only time it does have slight problems are when the magnet is running and auto eject or VUK's are shooting. But that's easily counteracted by waiting until the magnet has stopped. The coils are only active for a very short duration and rarely at the same time. But there's no issues shooting flippers at the same time bumpers and VUK's are active etc. :)

    Sorry for the late reply!